idk copy res
eeee I was catching up with mirai nikki today and sobsssss akiseee Q_Q;;
but I satisfied with the kiss scene though /SLAPPED

lmao its 2:19 AM here now--- orz
tomorrow, I should catch up with inago since its holiday and I have better wifi here <3
heheheheheheheeeee....for now...I should sleep

doodle + inaGO

I doodle a like crazy this weekend lol;;;
which mostly Inazuma GO though I haven't continue it orz - still stuck at kariya part
since the wifi here is like a crap, couldn't buff any anime videos properly (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
doof copy

\o/ so I will catch up with ina go by the time I am going back to my country
which is pretty soon! only for one week though orz;; well its better than nothing

may cause eyebleeding

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sdfghjkl2 copy
character design for college work! decide for ranger class
..monster hunter influence much?haha orz;;; pfft I sucks at designing bow..derp;; I sucks at designing character too; I was planning to do some ancient Chinese theme or something --but haha tribal came into my life--/shot jk no I mean I find tribal character are pretty interesting!^q^ but I fail at designing tribal character ,not surprising for me o<-< oh well....

gahh...it will be pain in the ass when creating the 3D asdfghjk

Also, the side WIP I did lol; actually just for fun but idk;;
choosing colors also pain in the ass akjhsj;; might change it according to mood orz
might change it to lime green or yellow or even brown or idkkkk sobs ;o;

A little drawing to show my appreciation of birthday wishes and gifts! ^q^ currently submitted on dead dA acc. The first yandere OC, though its from inazuma shindan OC, but recently I got linked of him
He like wearing Chinese clothes because its way more comfortable than the soccer uniform/SHOT

This was the result I got from shindan:

ALso, his hair is quite plain for inazuma OC, I have to make if more dynamic but I just can't/FAIL orz;;

uh hi

decided to open my fc2 blog again! I will dump stuffs/doodles here /q/
somehow I forgot how to manage fc2 blog ha ha;; now I feels bad for abandoned it for too long

a-anyway have old drawing orz

ss pinku oreview
the special SS piece for special person, though I butchered it so hard
and I can never shade anything with pink TqT; but her OC is so fun to draw so I REGRET NOTHING/slapped

eel eel bro preview

and small preview of an old artgift for my close friend who always accompanied me till late
she is too nice/// /feels like being spoiled/ though sometimes she can be very sadistic too "orz

I can't show the fullview pict though;;/quit embarrassed because I butcher their OCs too hard QEQ
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this blog will be filled with sketch works/scrap/WIP/rants/life/etc

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