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character design for college work! decide for ranger class hunter influence much?haha orz;;; pfft I sucks at designing bow..derp;; I sucks at designing character too; I was planning to do some ancient Chinese theme or something --but haha tribal came into my life--/shot jk no I mean I find tribal character are pretty interesting!^q^ but I fail at designing tribal character ,not surprising for me o<-< oh well.... will be pain in the ass when creating the 3D asdfghjk

Also, the side WIP I did lol; actually just for fun but idk;;
choosing colors also pain in the ass akjhsj;; might change it according to mood orz
might change it to lime green or yellow or even brown or idkkkk sobs ;o;
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this blog will be filled with sketch works/scrap/WIP/rants/life/etc

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