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OC data

New canvhhas copy

T4 (used to be called Tan)
experiment type: transform into animal
+successful experiment
weapon: martial arts and his animal form
animal form: panther

4I (used to be called AI)
experiment type: unknown
+known as failure experiment
weapon: mainly gun, sometimes knives
-she doesn't remember her past (scientist erased her memory for unknown reason)

S4 (real name is Saki)
experiment type : super human strength
- able to read human toughs and lift literally anything
+successful experiment
weapon: sword or sometimes bare hands
headphone: is to limit her super human strength especially the ability to read human toughs, without it, she will go insane and kill anyone who near her

saved here while I remember about their data orz;; the rest maybe next time

more dumps

so I will dump doodles here;;;; most of it are my OCs
I should really revised the story but nah--- procrastinating orz
tho I am not good at making story anyway hahaha /HIT

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idk copy res
eeee I was catching up with mirai nikki today and sobsssss akiseee Q_Q;;
but I satisfied with the kiss scene though /SLAPPED

lmao its 2:19 AM here now--- orz
tomorrow, I should catch up with inago since its holiday and I have better wifi here <3
heheheheheheheeeee....for now...I should sleep
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this blog will be filled with sketch works/scrap/WIP/rants/life/etc

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